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alt.usenet.kooks on Einstein...

"> According to Einstein, objects with great mass can affect timespace.
> Usenet kooks are objects with a great mass of stupidity and imo they
> can affect timespace.

> That means, the more kooks on usenet or elsewhere, the more timespace
> gets affected until we have created a paradox, leading to the
> destruction of the universe.

> Therefore, usenet kooks, as a danger to the very structure of timespace
> and the universe, must be send to another dimension or we're doomed.

> Do you agree?

The difference is that mass interacts with the universe through particles
called 'gravitons', while usenet kooks attemt to interact through
'kookons'. Like neutrinos, kookons interact weakly, if at all, with
normal matter, having little measurable effect, and remain unchanged by
random encounters with the reality."
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